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gear-grinding, screen-filling boss battles stand in your way. Auth #1 2 edit, rSA-2048, modulus 9fcdcdcba7CDD9C68BA1329D18F A1F1EB57D08E5A52DE51CC3E3D2 6670D8F4E626192DEB591E57E99B EDB6D654ED7F61B5A11532D Exponent 0x10001, used sconto studenti cinema for uart communications, unknown #1 edit, rSA-2048, modulus 6D24A0bebbcbf10D6BB75EC Exponent 0x10001, used for uart communications, unknown #2 edit, rSA-2048, modulus FFB449A6C05C06BC C8BC. AES-CBC-128, key iV Used for: (blnk) AES-cmac-128 Key Used to generate the AES-cmac-128 at the start of decrypted 40000001, by digesting the remainder of the decrypted data AES-CBC-128 Key DB603053A4D D0BA84434E2 IV Used for: (base) AES-cmac-128 Key B3A8CB797D A92B6CFB3490 Used to generate the AES-cmac-128. Flag is 36 ipmi (E) edit ffffff80869df8e d sieipmi.

Jump to: navigation, search. 2 order of keys in shellcore. 3 Other random values in ShellCore.

Flag is 20 rootparam_key_4_E (scerootparam_KEY) edit ab 75 84 e1 58 6e f3 38 66 3b.u.Xn.8f;[email protected] b ce b2 f0 9f 32 0a 1b f8 de 0a a0 d1 5f 28.2. Ffffff80869df8f0 52 5e 06 2a 4c f 75 2f 28 71 9c 6b.*Lydi. Edit AES-CBC-128 Key IV Retail/Testkit edit default_suffix edit AES-CBC-128 Key Used as suffix to symbol names when hashing with SHA256 to create a NID. Ea a7 1e b1 10 c0 03 99 b1 1d ec b2 e5. Dat Key (Portability) edit Key IV flag is 8 hmac-SHA256 Patch Pkg URL Key edit Key AD62E37F905E06BC Bootloader Key edit App 0 Key edit App 1 Key edit 785FC3E61BAF32DFA5833F434964CD B10BF838EF29B37EBD73D951 Certificate Authority Modulus edit AB8D71C629CD421EC666059 Exponent 0x10001 Retrieved from p?titleKeys oldid279435.