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from ScanCallback if the scan request could not be sent. Constant Value: "ST_scan_result" Public methods flushPendingScanResults added in API level 21 Flush pending batch scan results stored in Bluetooth controller. Parameters filters List: ScanFilter s for finding exact BLE devices.

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public boolean startScan NonNull final BleScanCallback callback, final long durationMs, final String deviceNameFilter, final String advertisedServiceUuidFilter) if (mBluetoothAdapter null) Log. Premi CtrlShift per passare da una lingua all'altra. D(TAG, "got Android O background scan via intent int errorCode -1 /.g. StartScan added in API level 26 Start Bluetooth LE scan using a PendingIntent. This parameter * must be greater or equal to 1000. Settings ScanSettings: Optional settings for the scan. String toString Returns a string representation of the object. Accendi la tastiera fisica. Bluetooth) package void startScanInternal(final List ScanFilter filters, final ScanSettings settings, final ScanCallback callback) offloadedFilteringSupported OffloadedFilteringSupported if (ntainsKey(callback) throw new already started with given callback final BluetoothLeScanner scanner tBluetoothLeScanner if (scanner null) throw new IllegalStateException BT le scanner not available final ScanCallbackWrapper wrapper new ScanCallbackWrapper(filters, settings. It can also request different types of callbacks for delivering the result.